Burnt Ash Primary School

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Our vision and values lie at the heart of everything we do in school.

Children, staff and governors all played a part in creating them and, as a result, they form our shared ethos and moral purpose.

They enable all children to achieve, flourish and succeed through:

A high expectation for all children to achieve their potential through a rich, inspiring curriculum.

Working in partnership with parents and with a strong network of schools to build and develop the highest standards of teaching and learning.

Providing a safe, secure and supportive environment in which all children and adults are valued and respected, and develop a strong sense of self worth.

A caring and inclusive school that engages families and the community and celebrates its diversity of cultures and religions.

Giving children the confidence and desire to make a meaningful contribution to the wider world and develop a strong sense of social responsibility.

As well as teaching to a high academic standard we also care about nurturing the whole child. Children develop a sense of fairness, equality and justice as well as a strong sense of their own identity and respect for others.

Our staff are trained to plan for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development in everything we do to inspire children to become critical thinkers; expressive and confident on their journey towards independence.